New Britax Boulevard CS – Click & Safe Review

The folks at Britax recently sent me their new Britax Boulevard CS to check out. The CS stands for Britax’s new Click and Safe snug harness indicator, a smart new feature which helps address one of the big problems with the misuse of child car seats. There are two factors that will make a safe car seat unsafe and those are improper installation and having the harness belt too loose. As I have discussed on many occasions, Britax seats are the easiest on the market to install. With the CS, Britax has now addressed the issue of the harness. The Click and Safe feature is an audible aide to help determine when the harness is secure by clicking when the harness straps are snug; it’s very simple and effective and helps parents ensure that their child is secure. Basically, when you hear the click, you know you can stop tightening. Kudos for Britax for adding this feature. If you have the room in your car, The Britax Boulevard CS is the best bet for a seat to carry your kids from a backward facing seat through to a traditional booster while keeping them in a five point harness, thanks to its high weight limits.

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