New Giro Ski Helmet Reviews – Fuse and G9

Giro Fuse Ski HelmetIt’s amazing what a difference a few years can make. As an avid skier, I started wearing a helmet about five years ago, once Giro entered the market and made them comfortable to wear. Now it feels weird not to have one on. Helmets have gone mainstream and those without them tend to get looks as if they are riding a motorcycle without a helmet, which also used to be common.

Ski Helmets have also gone very high tech. The latest models are super lightweight, feature packed and have integrated headphones for iPods. Some models even have a wireless Bluetooth connection for an iPods, cell phone or walkie talkie. I am a big fan of Giro’s ski helmets and have reviewed two of their most popular models, the Giro Fuse and the Giro G9 (formally know as the Nine.9 and the 9). Both are well priced and come with either optional Tune-Ups accessory or the integrated audio. Can’t wait for ski season to start!

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