Personalized Baby Gifts, Two Great Options

The best baby gift is something original that you can give to all your friends and relatives without having to worry that they already have it. For years, when our friends have had second kids, my wife has given them matching T-shirts embroidered with the children’s names. These have always been a big hit, so we were excited when the folks at Fill In The Blankie offered to send me a sample customized blanket. Back in the baby blanket market with baby No. 3, we were happy to hear that their blankets come in a variety of colors and fabrics personalized around the border.

The blanket features so much text that it reads like a story, making it one of the few gifts I have seen that is both functional and a keepsake at the same time. In addition to the name, birthday and weight, the blanket can also incorporate information about siblings, parents, etc. The order form is simple and easy to use, so you can be done with your order in minutes. Also, the blanket comes very nicely wrapped with instructions, making a great first impression. I want to thank the folks at Fill in the Blankie.

If you are the creative type and want a great personal gift that is wearable for either the baby or older siblings, is another great option. They recently added a line of American Apparel baby clothing, which can be customized in real time from scratch or from one of their many templates. Shipping is fast and their Flash-based design tool shows all of your work in real time so you can see how the product will come out.

With these great options from Fill in the Blankie and Threadsmith, there are no more excuses for lame baby gifts.

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2 Responses to Personalized Baby Gifts, Two Great Options

  1. molly says:

    I received a Fill in the Blankie as a gift and we LOVED it. We have given it a few times as a gift and had really good feedback from the recipients. This is such a unique and clever gift and with all four sides personalized—- it is so much more than the ordinary baby blanket. They are a real keepsake.

  2. Does anyone else have any experience with this?

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