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With the holidays approaching, I have a backlog of new content that I want to add to Bobby’s Best. The addition is the Land of Nod Deals and Coupon Page. The Land of Nod is a very cool premium online and catalog retailer. Their store and website offer a wide range of baby and children’s items such as high quality furniture and bedding, rugs and curtains, wall décor, storage and shelving options, lighting and room accessories for bathrooms, bedrooms and playrooms. They have also recently made a big push into baby gear. The Land of Nod has pretty cool story as the company was run for year’s out of the basement of the founder before they teamed up with Crate and Barrel, a current owner. C&B helps with the shipping and distribution side of the business.

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  1. A backpack can be used for just about any occasion. It really has replaced the standard duffel bag.

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