Bathroom Floor Radiant Heat Review – Warmly Yours

As part of finishing our basement, we added a bathroom with a tile floor. As we worked on the plans, one thing that I remember from a friend’s finished basement in VT is how cold a tile floor can be on a concrete slab.  The first time that I stepped on it in the morning in the winter, I almost jumped a foot. Therefore, when planning our new basement, we once again turned to our friends at Warmly Yours for their individual room radiant floor product. We had used the Warmly Yours product in our last house and had it installed in both the mudroom and the master bathroom of our current home.

The folks from Warmly Yours have great customer service and an exceptional product that is very reasonably priced. The process is simple.  All you have to do is submit your measurements online and then their engineering team will create a custom quote and diagram for each room.  For our project, they also recommend a cork underlayment to create a thermal break between the heating mat and the concrete slab, which the tile installer laid down in a thin layer of thinset before laying the heating mat.  We received the whole package from Warmly Yours within a few days of ordering, complete with the electric mat, thermostat, detailed custom installation instructions and a special sensor to use during installation to make sure the wires were not nicked. We had our electrician do the installation and he used a glue gun to tack the mat down.  We used the extra cork to protect the coils from being walked on until the tile went down the next day.  The installer follows the template provided cutting the mesh mat (not the wire) at the appropriate measurements, following the custom layout plan. The mat is then buried in a layer of thinset under the tile. If you are very handy, you could probably install the mat yourself, but if it’s your first time or you have a lot of turns, I would leave it to the professionals.

Cork Installation







Mat Installation







Final Tile







Even though it is electric, the Warmly Yours product uses very little electricity (a few cents a day) and draws from a standard circuit. When you chose the Energy-Star rated programmable thermostat, it comes with a sensor that allows you to set and maintain the actual floor temperature and choose settings based on the time of day (i.e. morning wake up and bedtime). Having now worked with the product on three different occasions over a period of a few years, I can say with confidence that it works as promised and we have had no issues to date and love when it’s time to turn it on in the winter. I have also had an outstanding experience with everyone on the customer service team whether it is been via email or phone.  They are a company that stands by their product as evident in the “No Nonsense” warranty, which states that if there is a failure, they will cover both the product and labor costs to fix it, which goes beyond any other competitor out there. I am never a fan of companies who promise to fix their product only, when the labor required to do so could be 10x the product cost; it’s sort of disingenuous.

Final pictures and video to come

Note: I would strongly recommended getting the product onsite before your electrician is done with the rough electrical, as the location of the thermostat is important and may require a dedicated circuit depending on the size of the mat. Also, make sure to give your tile guy a heads up as well, so that he can plan for the install.

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