Weber Ranch Charcoal Kettle Review

When you can afford to make a great impression, nothing compares to the Weber Ranch Kettle. Admittedly, most people don’t need this grill—it can cook enough food for an army (or a whole vacation compound full of guests). And not many people are willing to shell out the almost $1,000 sticker price. That said, if you like to entertain in a big way, you can really turn heads with the Weber Ranch Charcoal Kettle. This is the king of charcoal grills. With a 37½-inch diameter cooking space, you can grill multiple turkeys and steaks and still have room for side dishes. There is such a massive base for coals, it’s easy to control your cooking temperatures by piling more coals on one end for searing, leaving the other end free for slower cooking. If you’re really into grilling, and grilling at parties, this is the grill for you. It’s so mammoth, you can feed an entire party of 30 people, no problem. It features a huge removable ash catcher base, wheeled frame, and a tuck-away lid holder. Best of all, meat cooked on the Weber Ranch Kettle grill tastes like it was cooked over an open fire pit out in the wilderness.

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