What’s Good About Travel = JetBlue & Kayak

As part of my work for Judy’s Book, I have started taking frequent trips on JetBlue to Seattle. Everyone has heard about the Direct TV, the all leather seats andJet Blue the brand new planes, but what really stands out for me is how friendly everyone is from the pilots right down to the gate agents. I am learning that you can put up with a lot at the airport if you feel that people are acting in your best interest. Recently, my flight was running late and you could see everyone at the gate hustling to turn it around and get us out on time. It’s also not beyond the pilots to help clean the planes. Give Jet Blue a try, they are committed to low prices and better service in an industry that for the most part cares little about either. Also, don’t support a major carrier that temporarily lowers fares to match JetBlue’s entry into a new market because you know that they will raise prices at the first chance they get.

KayakAlso, check out Kayak.com, the latest edition to the Bobby’s Best Travel Section. Kayak is a very cool travel search engine site which shows you the best the possible prices based on your preferences from many different travel websites. As you change your variables on the left side of the page, the results automatically change on the right side without having to refresh. It’s cool stuff and extremely useful.

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