Top 10 Unique Grills & BBQ's

Just in time for the 4th of July comes our list of the zaniest, wackiest and most creative custom-made barbeques you'll find anywhere in existence. We hope this collection will entertain, amuse and maybe even inspire you to build your own wacky grilling contraption. At the very least it should make you ravenous for ribs, cuckoo for chicken and absolutely potty for pork. So please enjoy, share it with a friend and most importantly: have a Happy Independence Day!

Hemi Custom Made BBQ

11. Hemi-Powered BBQ
This gargantuan grilling rig should prove once and for all that you're the local king of the pit. That is, if you have any neighbors left after the first time you fire up the 5.7 liter V-8 HEMI-powered engine.

This monster was revealed as part of the Chrysler Group's 2005 "What Can You HEMI?" contest. One would need quite an appetite to require that much power.

Regardless, the mustard would require an amazing level of viscosity. Source

Six Shooter Pistol Gun Custom BBQ

10. Six Shooter BBQ
Joe Wood of Texas spent over two years building his 6 foot-11 custom bbq, and we hope he has a license for that thing.

The entire rig is over 15 feet long. When cooking, the barrel acts as the grill's chimney.

We know what you're thinking. Did he cook six burgers or only five? Do you feel lucky, punk? Source

9. CH-46 Helicopter BBQ
Dennis Ricks from Tennessee created a breathtaking Boeing CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter BBQ in honor of our troops overseas.

The video shows Dennis explaining all of the materials and parts he used to make everything from the blades to the missiles adorning the main body.

Don't worry - this particular chopper is a patriotic replica and the worst damage it can inflict on anybody would be via a little old fashioned American heartburn.


Chopper Motorcycle Custom BBQ

8. Chopper Cycle BBQ
When you find yourself wanting a custom built chopper BBQ, who better to commission than the guys at Orange County Chopper?

This incredible "hog cooking hog" is actually completely functional and street legal - it just happens to have a super-sized wood burning oven fixed right next to the gas tank.

We know the Hell's Angels rarely like to get off their bikes, but what's next, a port-a-potty Fatboy? Source

Montero GTS Custom Made BBQ

7. Montero GTS Grill
Hoff (no, not that Hoff) from Australia built this custom BBQ grill out of a broken down classic Holden Monero GTS.

We can only assume he got tired of all the "shrimp on the barbie" jokes and needed something special to divert attention. I dare say he succeeded because this grill looks almost roadworthy.

We can't help but wonder - has anyone ever considered making one of these things out of KITT?Source
Nascar Custom BBQ

6. Nascar BBQ
If you happen to have a spare $16,995 burning a hole in your pocket, than this NASCAR-themed BBQ grill might be right up your speedway.

This monster grill features a full size stainless steel Cal Flame 4 burner propane BBQ grill with lights, a CD/DVD combo JVC stereo with 6 speakers and we're assuming Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s pit crew.

Throw in those sweet rims and you might just have yourself a deal. Source


Muscle Car Custom BBQ

5. Muscle Car BBQ
Shaped like a muscle car engine block, complete with exhaust ports that emit actual cooking smoke, this beautiful grill can withstand 900 degrees of heat and has diamond plates for side tables.

Steve McQueen himself would be proud, and the fellow who made this example takes custom orders and absolutely loves to incorporate genuine car parts into every creation.

We wouldn't want to play chicken with this BBQ. Cook chicken - definitely. Source


Baby Buggy Custom BBQ
4. Baby Buggy BBQ
The Baby Carriage used for this remarkable creation was originally found in the countryside around Houston and was completely crushed and rusted out.

It was discovered to be a model made in London circa 1906. Although it functions as a pit BBQ, the hood folds down to create a "smoker" for cooking things like brisket, ribs, chickens and of course, Baby Back Ribs.

Does anyone know how Rosemary's Baby likes its steak cooked? We're guessing " bloody". Source
Beer Keg BBQ Custom made

3. Keg-a-Que BBQ
The Keg-a-Que's sleek design and easy portability make it a conversation piece that can be brought along to any backyard bonanza.

Featured in several magazines and TV shows this BBQ isn't exactly a custom made one-off, but we made an exception due to the fact that readers might wish to order one for themselves.

After all, we can't all be experienced metalsmiths and welders. Those aren't exactly skills one can pick up in an afternoon.

Phone Booth Custom BBQ

2. Phone Booth BBQ
Science fiction fans who find themselves wondering what Doctor Who does when he gets hungry might find their answer in this extremely creative BBQ.

Fashioned out of a real honest to goodness public telephone booth, its capacity for cookage is tremendous. Its sliding glass door and 7 pull out racks could keep a small army of Daleks in hot dogs.

We doubt, however, that it is possible to create a booth BBQ which could ever be tastier than the trusty Tardis. Source

Custom Made Dragon BBQ

1. Dragonfire BBQ
What better inspiration for a custom made barbeque than a fire-breathing dragon?

While many of the contraptions featured on our list could be considered artistic, the "Guardian of the Feast" is quite amazing and definitely flies back to its lair with the blue ribbon.

The scaly grill and smoker combination sold at the Safari Club International 33rd Annual Hunters' Convention for $65,000. Or maybe that was just the ransom for the Princess.

Rude Hot Dog Cooker

Bonus Accessory: Rude Hot Dog Cooker
Perhaps this isn't what it looks like at first glance. It could be two guys weed-whacking their yard. Or carrying rolled up carpets. Competing in a caber toss, maybe?

Regardless, we wouldn't advise showing up at the family reunion with one of these gadgets in tow as Grandma would be well within her rights to hit you with a sound slap for your naughtiness.

On second thought - those are definitely wieners.