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Indoor Grill

An indoor grill is great for items that you would normally cook outside on your barbecue as well as for hot sandwiches (i.e. grilled cheese) as it cooks both sides of the food at once.

George Foreman NG Grill
 George Foreman NG Grill
  • Can cook a large variety of foods
  • Removable plates make it easy to clean
  • There is not yet a family size in the new generation models

The Forman grill has been a staple appliance in our house for years now. We have used it for burgers, fish, hot sandwiches, fajitas, etc. The major problem with the original models was that they were impossible to clean. In fact, we stopped using the Forman all together for bigger meals because I dreaded cleaning it. The cooking plates are attached to the grill and cannot be submerged in water, so you basically have to just scrape and wipe which doesn’t work very well on grease and burnt pieces of food. The Next Generation (NG) Forman grills finally come with removable plates, giving the Forman its convenience factor back and restoring its place in my mind as an essential kitchen appliance.

Devil's Advocate:

There is currently no Family Size equivalent model in the Next Generation series.

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