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Mosquito Trap

If you spend a lot of time in your backyard or on your deck, the mosquitoes can get to you. Bug spray works, but necessitates a shower and Citronella candles for the most part are ineffective and smell. However the advent of the propane powered mosquito trap now gives you a third and better option. While they require a little work to operate and maintain, they are definitely more effective.

Mosquito Magnet Defender
Mosquito Magnet Defender
  • Has the ability to cover a half acre of land
  • Results are seen within 4-6 weeks of initial use
  • Requires an outdoor outlet
  • The octenol cartridge needs to be replaced approximately once a month

The Mosquito Magnet Defender Trap works by releasing a by-product of CO2 called octenol to which mosquitoes and other blood-seeking insects are attracted. It will cover a half acre and you will see noticeable results within about a week. With continuous use, after about 4-6 weeks the mosquito breeding cycle will also be interrupted, drastically reducing the population in your yard. If you talk to someone who has purchased one of these units, they will tell you that it really works. Just make sure you have an available outlet, because in addition to the propane, it does require a small amount of electrical power to run the fan.

Devil's Advocate:

The Mosquito Magnet Defender is an expensive proposition. In addition to its upfront price tag, you will need to replace the octenol cartridge about once a month as well as the propane, in addition to cleaning out the unit. It’s probably worth the price depending on how much the mosquitoes are "bugging" you.

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